• Christian Aldea Thai

Opportunities & Threats investing on Mexican Caribbean.


1 THE MAYAN TRAIN A secure and easy way to travel coast to coast through this project that government promote, and already have started its development on May 2020. Fore sure, this infrastructure proyect to be finish its first phase on 2022, will dramatically increase the arrival of tourist to the region, which will signify a higher demand of lot of goods and services.

2 Strenght of the dollar against the mexican peso. If you have dollars, do not be a dummie and invest your money in a place where you can obtain a lot more in a simple way and risk free. It Is 100% secure that you obtain more value for your dollars on Mexico, than in other part of the world, this means that you are going to spent less money, while obtaining higher profits

3 Cooperation between government and private sector to significantly impulse the development of the region. Through many years the southeast of Mexico have been forgotten by the same mexicans as can be the big national companies and the government, and at the same time the only people that saw the huge potential of the region where the foreigners, starting with the Spaniards which basically conqueer the caribbean through their long chains of hotels, passing through the Americans which came to compete with the Spanish hotel chains. Nowdays the Mexican private sector is working closer with the government to develop the region through a diverse set of proyects as can be entretainment parks, development of real estate including the born concept of Condominum-hotel, infraestructure proyects, and many others, to reactive the economy of the zone, which inevitably will ensure the value of the overall region.


1 Slow down of Mexican economy.

2 Natural disasters. Hurracaines. Beside the last hurracaine that arrive to the Mexican Caribbean was on 2007, the zone it is not safe about being touch by an hurracaine again.

3 Insecurity . This has been a problem on Mexico that keeps scaring the Foreigners to invest on the region. Affortunaly the new government is fightening very intelligent and this problems seems to be reduced in the years coming as it happend in other countries that nowdays are free of insecurity as can be Singapour, Indonesia, and Philipines, meanwhile this still a strong concern on investors and people in general.

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