• Christian Aldea Thai

A world class destiny called Tulum.

Actualizado: 4 de jul de 2020

It have not passed to many time since Tulum start to be relevant to the world. 5 years ago no one could belive that Tulum would be the place that is right now, and for sure it will be imposible to believe in the next years that the hugh world class destiny was just a small town of less than 5,000 people.

World class celebrities as Victoria Secret models and Hollywood actors are amazed with the astonish beaches of Tulum. Many other top millionaires just visited Tulum to enjoy the huge value of their time with real peace and calm. The high society of United States feel attracted to the sophisticated paradise on the middle of the jungle. And finally, the investors put its eyes on the born new investment paradise.

As the modern trends, to mention the wellness, spiritual and healthy habits keeps growing on rich and famous people, Tulum will be their special place.

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